Holistic Health, Technology and Science Converge in Wellness Pod of the Future

New Partnership Formed to Accelerate The Biohacking ORB’s Commercial Growth and AI Development


Frankfurt am Main and Dubai. DDG AG, experts in the commercialization of technology-driven innovation and data-driven products and business models, has partnered with wellness innovator Abdul Nassani, creator and founder of The Biohacking ORB, to globally launch the first-ever smart wellness pod, an immersive, multisensory platform for alternative therapy treatments and wellness experiences.


Wellness biohacks harness the power of science and technology to enhance brain performance, physical recovery, improve immunity, sleep and much more with the goal of achieving results in minutes versus hours, days, weeks or even years. The ORB’s results-oriented journeys use a unique combination of evidence-based wellness modalities, including neuroacoustics, aromatherapy, chromotherapy and vibroacoustics, that work at the cellular level to improve overall well-being in minutes versus hours.
Since the product’s introduction in January 2021 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the sleek, ergonomic chamber has garnered international attention, including being named one of the Top 10 Inspiring Products at CES 2021, arguably the world’s largest consumer electronics and digital innovation trade shows. “Forming this partnership with DDG AG allows us to reach many more users worldwide and promises to accelerate the development of the ORB’s AI-driven machine learning functions,” says The Biohacking ORB’s inventor Abdul Nassani.


“This product strikes an important chord: mental and physical well-being are essential for a healthy life; but, no matter how well-intentioned we may be, very few of us can dedicated endless hours to the pursuit of our wellness needs/goals,” says Alexander Fridhi, CEO and Founder of DDG AG. “We’re excited to form a new German-based entity to help Nassani bring his full vision to fruition.” DDG AG will bring it’s AI expertise to the ORB’s data-driven customization platform and will be responsible for bringing the ORB to market in Germany and beyond.





“The Biohacking ORB is adaptive to each individual. Wellness journeys are customized through the ORB’s app, which ultimately connects to a user’s biometric data, monitoring treatment results. Then, machine learning kicks in to provide improvements/enhancements to treatment journeys, finding, tweaking and designing the perfect personalized treatment for each user,” explains Nassani.


Unlike conventional wellness treatments, the ORB does not require a therapist and can be controlled by an untrained technician or the users themselves via a smartphone app.


Nassani says the pandemic has increased the focus on health and wellness, while, at the same time, the demand for evidence-based solutions in the wellness space has grown. The Biohacking ORB aims to fill this gap by providing a new, science-based offering of touch-free, self-administered treatments. The product is positioned in a promising and constantly growing wellness market, which is currently valued at $4.5 trillion dollars (source: Global Wellness Institute).



About The Biohacking ORB


Biohacking ORB is a completely new category in touchless, self-administered wellness centered around evidence-based modalities designed to enhance spirit/mood and improve body and mind performance. The patented, geometric chamber is controlled by an app that will suggest wellness biohacks based on the user’s desired results.


About DDG AG


DDG AG is an expert in the commercialization of digital, technology-driven innovation and data-driven products and business models. DDG AG also develops new digital products and services according to the Co-Innovation Model with a focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI).
In the DDG Co-Innovation Model, the industry-specific domain knowledge of a medium-sized partner is combined with the technical and commercial expertise of DDG AG in the field of AI to create sustainable competitive advantages for the partners and to jointly exploit emerging innovative solutions.




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