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The pursuit of wellness has become a science

We know that mental and physical well-being is crucial to living a full, well life, but very few of us have the luxury to dedicate endless hours to the pursuit of our wellness goals.

Wellness biohacks use science and technology to make our bodies function better and more efficiently, enabling us to achieve targeted wellness outcomes/benefits in minutes instead of hours.

The Biohacking ORB is an accelerant to any individual’s pursuit of wellness.

Baseline Features

Evidenced-based modalities standard with every ORB

Biohacking ORB's baseline features work at a cellular level

The Biohacking ORB works at a cellular level to improve mitochondria, the little factories inside our cells that generate energy, converting food, water and oxygen into energy for the cells and body to use.

“The key to achieving optimal health and enjoying a vital, energetic old age is to get your system back into balance and protect your mitochondria.”

- Mark Hyman, MD, functional medicine expert


Quick Fix

Quick Fix

Stress release


Reframing anxiety


Performance Mindset


Navigating change


Falling Back to sleep

Healing &

Refresh &

For Professionals

Spas and Wellness Centers

In a time when touchless, self-administered, personalized wellness is highly sought after, the Biohacking ORB delivers.

The ORB enables spas and wellness centers to give clients a range of touchless, self-administered, personalized wellness hacks that enhance body and mind performance, all housed within a sexy, sleek and extremely comfortable sensory deprivation chamber.

The pandemic has accelerated consumers’ focus on health and wellness, while, at the same time, the need for science/evidence-based solutions in the wellness industry has become a must, and mental wellness and physical recovery is a key demand of consumers. The ORB fills this gap, giving wellness centers a new offering based on science.

Forward-thinking spa and wellness businesses are able to upend their traditional business models by reducing operational costs and creating a new/improved revenue stream.

Here are just some of the ways that the

ORB delivers ROI:

Reduced operational costs:

  • One attendant can operate up to 10 ORBs
  • Takes less space than typical treatment room
  • Does not required highly qualified therapist

Improved customer experience:

  • Touchless environment
  • Evidence-based modalities
  • Reduced session times allow for more clients
  • Businesses sell time; not therapists
  • Customizable, flexible treatments
  • Targeted marketing opportunities via the ORB app
  • Result monitoring via the ORB app
  • Recommended treatments via the ORB app
  • Simple to operate

To learn more ways the ORB can improve your ROI, please contact:


Abdul Nassani


Abdul Nassani spearheaded the creation and development of the Biohacking ORB and is responsible for product innovation, strategic partnerships, sales and marketing.

A successful wellness entrepreneur and innovator based in Dubai, Nassani’s clients include wellness and hospitality brands like Six Senses, Hilton, Fairmont and Sofitel. In addition to founding and creating the Biohacking ORB, Nassani is the CEO of WOW Wellness Group, where he oversees day-to-day operations, providing high-quality, innovative spa and wellness services and equipment to projects across the Middle East, Central Asia and Russia.

Nassani’s interest and passion in ‘biohacking for wellness’ evolved out of his personal passion and included deep dives into the worlds of biohacking pioneers and the teachings of ancient philosophers, theologists and scholars – as he explored how to marry high tech hacks with ancient healing practices.

His vision was to create a completely new category of touchless, self-administered treatments and experiences centered around evidence-based modalities designed to enhance spirit/mood and improve body and mind performance.

To create the Biohacking ORB’s unique platform and treatments, Nassani gathered a team of wellness experts and, together, they developed the ORB, an inviting, safe cocoon that welcomes users, putting them in the right frame of mind and physical posture for maximum relaxation while delivering easy-to-implement wellness hacks to enhance mood, brain performance, physical recovery and more in a matter of minutes instead of hours, weeks, days or years.

Daniella Ruslsle

Daniella Russell

Wellness Advisor

A pioneering voice in the wellness industry who made her mark with “history-making” wellness projects across the globe, including Chiva Som, Burj al Arab and Cleopatra Spa

Cassandra cavanah

Cassandra Cavanah

Wellness Expert, PR and Marketing

Before the term “wellness” was everywhere, Cassandra already had decades of experience helping brands in wellness categories like spa, travel, beauty, fitness and health tell their stories.

Ashwaq Al Mudhaf

Ashwaq Al Mudhaf

Advisory Board Member

Well-known Kuwaiti biohacking entrepreneur and outspoken activist.

Sandi Goddad

Sandi Goddard

Wellness Advisor

Spa consultant to international, high-end wellness brands.